“If the body is a temple,
why not decorate the walls?”

Inspired, ink, tattoo, gallery, Sultan, WAI’m not sure who said this, but it makes total sense to me! And… maybe to you, too, and that’s why you’re here. There are millions of ways to paint, decorate, adorn your body and the galleries, displayed through each of the image links below, are a small sampling of the work I have completed over the years. They are by no means the end all to what is possible!

I hope they inspire you or, in some way, show you what is possible. Bottom line… the sky is the limit! Let’s create together!

Artwork With a Flair For Birds

body, art, tattoo, ink, Snohomish County

Black & Grey Body Art

tattoo, body art, black ink

Color Adds a Touch of Flair

body, art, sleeve

People & Animal Inspired Tattoos

color, people, tattoo, ink

Tribal or Blackwork Body Art

male, tribal, b&w, tattoo

There are many more ways that I could organize the plethora of tattoos and ink work that I have completed over the years. They might even be considered unusual or something many people may not even think of getting a tattoo for. Let’s lump them into one final gallery called…

Miscellaneous Inspiration

finger, tattoo, ink, restore, hand